The other arm of Biovista is focused on guiding middle school and ‘college-bound’ high school students pursuing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) track to successfully get accepted into colleges/universities in the USA, Canada, UK and Australia. While we limit our advising to STEM focused students, we will try our best to accommodate fields outside of STEM only if we determine we can contribute thoroughly towards your child’s development.

The college admission landscape has changed profoundly

The biggest problem right now in getting acceptance into a reputed college is that:

  • *More than 85% of applications from students having a GPA of 4.0 or scores above 90% are NOT accepted into ivy leagues (Harvard, Columbia etc.) or other top universities.
  • *Excelling at traditional extracurricular activities such as music, certain sports, school clubs do not add much value either.
  • *Finally, essays based on inspirations, problem solving etc., are dated and the same are submitted infinitely by other students.

“So, what are the key factors the admissions committee looks into?”

What can Biovista do to help middle school and ‘college bound’ high school students?

We have the proven methods and strategies for getting into reputed universities even if the student does not possess the best ACT/SAT scores and school grades.

Developing a perfect college profile for your overseas college readiness

  • The western world’s education system mostly has a clearly defined path for its students who are offered consultation from skillful educators and counsellors located within school and externally.
  • There is clearly a void in this space in the developing countries. To fill that, Biovista is here to help.
  • When you work with us, we can assist you to start structuring your education profile very well in advance before you apply to colleges. With our 30+ years of overseas academic and corporate experiences, we will advise you with ACT-SAT preparation, selecting the relevant majors etc. Furthermore, we shall assist in educating you on selecting the right extracurricular & leadership activities and develop a profile that offers an advantage over other applicants.
  • Overall, we will support you in the following aspects of the process, such as college application, personal statement, college essays, interview preparation, practical aspects of college advisement etc. Importantly, we will guide individuals by marketing the candidates’ skills, personality etc. to relevantly fit for the college.
  • We do not allocate random counsellors to your child. Your child will be advised directly by Biovista's director.

What we offer?

An honest, thorough and customized overseas college profile development process that prepares you with the admissions process.

  • Identify Strengths and Advice on Opportunities
    We will work thoroughly in depth to analyze, understand and recommend areas of improvement
  • Appropriate Academic Guidance
    We will offer our advice on courses to pursue based on current and future trends
  • Guidance on Extra-curricular Activities and Leadership Experience
    Strategically advise on measures to take in creating a strong application well in advance
  • SAT-ACT Test Preparation
    Offer strategic guidance to help you excel in the SAT or ACT exams
  • Help with College Selection
    Advise on the appropriate universities based on candidate’s profile parameters
Areas of Guidance Grade 9 Grade 10-12
Advise on STEM Area Subjects
Exploring Academic Interests Through Various Coursework (Supplemental & Online)
Advise on Relevant External Opportunities
Advise on Extracurricular Participation with Significance
Development of an Appropriate Portfolio
Strategize Plans for Summer Programmatic activities
Advisement on Standardized Testing exams (SAT, SAT subjects and ACT)
Identify and Finalize Career Majors
Creating a Panel of Universities Based on Target, Reach and Safety
Assist with Strategic Identification and Selection of STEM Subject Majors.
Educate on Universities Geographic Location, Cost of living, Safety etc.
Personal Statements and Essays-Editing & Reviewing
Letters of Reference-Editing & Reviewing
Highlight Opportunities for Scholarships Based on Merit

Parent Participation

Parents will continue to work here as pillars as well to:

  • Engage in decisions on getting their children into their dream college.
  • Discuss tracks to pursue the right career path in his or her field of interest.
  • Manage and maneuver this stressful process towards the betterment of their child's performance getting closer to acceptance rates at universities.

While Biovista is here to offer support for your child's need, we welcome your involvement throughout the process as well. We look forward to make your child’s journey productive while keeping it less stressful and help your child become the best version of themselves!

Schedule a free 30-minutes call, so we can understand your child/children’s goals, needs etc. and see how we can fit towards accomplishing them.