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Educate on graduate programs scholarship for MS and PhD.

We believe cost should not be a major factor in pursuing a MS or PhD. While research assistantships, scholarships and fellowships are available in many departments and with research professors, we will guide the students on how to avail these strategically. We have the needed experience to guide the students towards securing scholarships even at the federal government research level.

Research document assistance

Very often, an email enquiry to a research professor does not generate a response. There are various reasons for this. While we most certainly know where the problem areas are, we will step in to accurately guide with our strategies to overcome this hurdle to improve first line of communication with the academic professor.

Statement of purpose (SOP)

This SOP plays a critical part of the application process towards MS and PhD programs. We will help you with scientific research content, grammar and sentence structuring to make the document look polished.

Competitive exam guidance and tips

Admissions into MS and PhD programs certainly require having both English and graduate level exams assessments. While we guide you on those fronts, we will also help you strategically compile your application package to look strong.

Educate on emerging and next generation technologies in life sciences

Our intent is to introduce undergraduates and graduates including PhD level scholars to exciting new tools in new biomedical technologies and its future implications for the advancement of scientific research and related possible future careers

Career guidance for M.Phil and PhD students

Students currently pursuing/completed MS, M.Phil or PhD are often at the crossroads of choosing their career in the midst of multiple disciplines. We shall advise them on possible avenues that might help them in finding and advancing their career overseas.

Etiquette and personality development

We will offer guidance on how to develop the etiquette and personality development sessions and guidance to students who need them to better prepare for getting acquainted for interaction at foreign universities. This shall happen in the form of a session when multiple students express interest and sign up.


Because every student is different with respect to educational background, aspirations, research interests etc., we will offer custom-tailored counseling for each of them. With that in mind, we have structured our package-based fees making it affordable for all students as we see fit according to their needs.


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