Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

We follow a one on one, customized and compassionate approach to help students navigate the stressful graduate school application process. We get to know the students and their individual strengths & aspirations and customize the consulting process to suit the needs of each individual. Throughout the consulting process, the focus will be on overall development of the skills and abilities of the student, along with finding a suitable research program where he or she will be successful.

Our Ethics

We follow strict ethical business practices and here are some of the gold standards we adhere to:

  • We strive to serve the students who consult us with the utmost honesty, integrity, and competence.
  • All of the client’s correspondence information shall be of utmost confidential in nature.
  • Because we strictly do not tie up with universities for commissions in exchange for admissions and referrals, we further justify our intent that we will represent only the students.
  • We shall accept client engagements subject only when we are sure we can contribute with our abilities and expertise.
  • We will ensure that transparency prevails all through the student engagement process including the agreed upon fees and expenses.